DIY Project Wiki: If we build it, will you come? March 5, 2014 13:59 14 Comments

For a while now, we've been struggling to keep the DIY Project Directory accurate and up to date. As we've become busier and busier with our own projects the DIY community has become more and more prolific. Our "to do" list of projects to document has become embarrassingly long, and an increasing amount of entries feature dead links or old information. With that in mind, we're strongly considering converting the Directory into a wiki. The DIYRE Wiki would be like any other: anyone could create an account and start adding or editing content, all of the content would available under a Creative Commons License, and the community as a whole (ourselves included) would be responsible for keeping it healthy and accurate. So, here are my questions for you, dear DIYer:
  • Could you see yourself contributing to the wiki?
  • Do you see any potential problems with turning the Directory into a wiki?
  • Would making a community-based wiki dilute, or otherwise harm, the excellent community that is the GroupDIY forum?
  • Do you have any recommendations for self-hosted wiki scripts? We're currently looking at a WordPress plugin called WordPress Wiki.
Thanks as always for your thoughts.