Pre-Order the New Active DI kit from Bumblebee Audio May 4, 2015 15:07

Build your own boutique DI box, designed by Artur Fisher.

I first met Latvian designer Artur Fisher in 2010, when I launched DIYRE as a project directory. Since then, I've followed along as Artur has painstakingly built a small line of world-class recording equipment: first the RE-254 ribbon transducer, then the RM-5 ribbon mic, then the Bp-P1 inline mic preamp. The common thread between Artur's designs is custom parts and circuitry in service of performance. Where most designers are content to choose from among pre-rolled solutions, Artur rolls his own. Everything in the RM-5 mic is customdown to the XLR jackand the Bp-P1 uses fully discrete circuitry. You can understand why he only releases a new product every couple years.

So I'm really excited to announce that Artur's newest kit, The Bb-D1 Spark DI, is now available for pre-order. The Spark is an active, phantom-powered, transformer-balanced, direct input box. And in keeping with Artur's tradition of no-compromise design, every component has been chosen or customized over several years of development. The circuitry is completely discrete, the transformer and chassis are custom, and he's even built in power supply conditioning to ensure optimal performance, no matter the quality of your phantom power source.

For a limited time, Artur is offering DIY kits for the Spark at a deeply discounted price. I think this is a phenomenal deal: a) you get a truly world-class, boutique DI box for €99 and b) you get to support a talented designer who's dedicated to the DIY community. Grab the pre-order here before May 15th:

Pre-order the Bb-D1 Spark DI

Here are the pre-order details:

  • €99 for full kit (~$110 USD)
  • Price after pre-order will be €129
  • The last day to pre-order is May 15, 2015
  • Use the code "LOVEFET" in the shopping cart (before checkout) to claim the discount
  • Kit includes everything needed to build the DI, including screws and wire
  • Complete, step-by-step assembly guide

If you have any questions about the Bb-D1 or the pre-order, please leave them in the comments below and Artur or I will do our best to answer them.

-Peterson Goodwyn, DIYRE