Colour Lineup Update August 2017 August 31, 2017 09:26

Recently we made full sample videos of every Colour module we have available so you can hear each at a few settings on a variety of sources. These samples give a nice accurate picture of what you’re getting with each Colour. However when I’m looking to buy anything that makes sound, there’s no replacement for seamless A/B audio samples, and switching back and forth between videos just doesn’t cut it for those purposes.

So we've taken our audio samples and put them back-to-back so you can hear every Colour at the same settings on a single source. Not only does this let you hear the overall character of every module, but it gives a good sense of which Colours are subtle even when pushed, versus others that start gnarly at low settings and collapse even more as you push them.

For a few highlights, check out how the bass comes alive with the 15IPS, or how the CTX adds a subtle weight to acoustic guitar at medium settings. The Distortastudio is an easy favorite for blowing up drums and electric guitar, while the Colourphone really sits the same electric guitar in a nice, brash, fuzzy place. Or check out how Pulse makes a great vintage slapback on drums. Check out the samples below: