DIY Condenser Microphones with Scott Helmke May 5, 2012 13:28 8 Comments

Today, I discuss the ins and outs of making your own condenser microphones with Scott Helmke, creator of the popular Alice Microphone project. Scott walks us through how he designed the Alice microphone, including some practical tips for making your own mic bodies and headbaskets. Topics discussed:
  • How Scott developed the Alice mic
  • The brilliant Mic Builders Yahoo group.
  • The Transound TBS-165A condenser capsule
  • What happened when Scott swapped electrolytic for film capacitors in the Alice circuit.
  • Tips for DIY mic bodies and headbaskets. The McMaster-Carr store is your friend.
  • What to look for in a headbasket mesh material.
  • "Somewhere between sculpture and audio."
  • Scott's most recent project: a linear microphone array for piano.