Mic Preamps and Surface-Mount Parts with Expat Audio March 14, 2013 14:15 2 Comments

In this month's DIY podcast, I talk to Dafydd Roche of Expat Audio about their new Eden Mic Preamp.

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Dafydd and I get into some good stuff about mic preamp and general audio design, including:

  • The difference between surface mount (SMD/SMT) and through hole components in terms of sound and performance.
  • Are SMDs good for audio? Should we audio folks resist industry's march toward all surface-mount parts?
  • The concept of "parasitics" in audio electronics design and when their effects can be critical.
  • Dafydd gives us a guided tour of the Eden circuit from the input to output jacks--a great way to get a grasp on the basics of mic preamp design.