What Makes API Gear Sound So Good? With Jeff Steiger of CAPI May 12, 2012 17:30 9 Comments

Jeff Steiger of CAPI and I get nerdy about various vintage audio and DIY topics, including:

  • Why create a company dedicated to vintage API gear? Why not Neve, SSL, etc.?
  • Will we ever see ClassicAPI kits in a 1RU rack format, instead of 500-series?
  • Why does old API gear sound so good when it's specs are so bad?
  • The sonically stunning Gar2520 opamp
  • Jeff's new, two-stage preamp design, the VP28
  • How Jeff tried to cram a full API console strip into one 500-series slot.
  • "Inventory management is a bitch."
  • How DIY gear is beginning to penetrate the big-budget recording world.
  • Are we seeing a return to the early days of recording when many engineers built their own custom gear?
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