Being a DIYer, Studio Owner, and Engineer with Marc Alan Goodman of Strange Weather Brooklyn June 22, 2012 16:22 3 Comments

One thing I often wondered when I first got into DIY was whether any "real" producers and engineers built their own gear. So I was thrilled to visit Marc Alan Goodman at his studio Strange Weather in Brooklyn to see his DIY gear and talk to him about how DIY fits into his career as a successful studio owner and engineer. We recorded some video of Marc's DIY gear which you can see below.

After my camera ran out of batteries, we sat down and chatted about lots of DIY stuff.

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Topics covered:

  • Becoming your own studio tech
  • The ecstasy and agony of trying to do everything yourself
  • Marc's involvement in the Harrison Ford Filter project
  • Marc's thoughts on the LAZ EQN, Neve-style EQ (of which he built 16!)
  • How DIY is as old as the profession of audio engineering
  • DIY: business or hobby?
  • Electricity as the true medium of a recording engineer
  • The vintage U87 project (of which he built 3!)