DIY Beginner's Bundle

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Start building your own gear with three of our most popular kits designed specifically for beginners.

Each kit contains everything you need to build an excellent piece of gear and comes with step-by-step instructions:

The bundle contains:

Passive reamplifier with ground lift and volume control


2-channel, line-level pad with -10dB and -30dB settings


8 or 16-channel passive summing mixer with DB25 inputs and XLR outputs

Customer Reviews

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Sweet Boy
A Toddler Could Solder This

I have a very limited amount of solder experience (most not good!) but I really wanted to get my skills up. This kit is so easy to do, and with the right tools (don't cut corners on the iron!) you can make this entire kit in 2 hours or less. Don't hesitate, do it yourself!

Francis Baquero
El Jabalí's Home Studio favorite equipment

We just assembled the DIY bundle (D.I, Reamp, Summing Box), and is just unbelievable, everything works great and it doesn't take that long, we even made a timelapse where it was getting build so hopefully by the end of this month we will be publishing it online.

Thank you so much for bring this awesome stuff, we definitely will purchase more stuff from you guys.

I hope you eventually build a 500's module since we've seen you're working on that stuff, if you ever do that, we'll buy it.

Once again, awesome product, and now running on El Jabalí Home Studio in Quito, Ecuador, South America, awesome product!!!

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