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SB-30 Stereo Blumlein Bar


Easily and securely set up two microphones as a stereo, Blumlein pair. Our Blumlein bar features two adjustable adapters for connecting shock mounts (not included) and one for connecting to a mic stand.


  • Ideal for use with the RM-5 or RM-6 ribbon mic kits with the SM-28 shock mount
  • Two clips for attaching shock mounts (not included)
  • 30cm long, 27cm between screw centers
  • Adapter for connecting to mic stand

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sets the bar!

Excellent design and fabrication. Recommended!

Steven Young
Worked perfectly for vertical X/Y configuration of two side address mics

Not it's intended purpose, but I used it with two Audix A133 side address mics. Positioned them vertically and angled for X/Y pickup. Worked perfectly!

Scott G.
L2A and Stereo bar.

Excellent. Thank you.

Paul Griffith
Nice Stereo Bar

We received our SB-30 yesterday, and it's just what we hoped for. It seems to be solidly built, and operation is very simple. This bar is identified as intended for "Blumlein" usage, but since it is exactly 30 cm, it matches our desired application: NOS pair. (Actually, the bar is 30 cm, but the sliding mounts do not quite open up that far. Slightly angling out the mic clips for side address mics fixes this!)

For years, I have been aware of the NOS standard (30 cm spacing, 90 degrees between capsules, cardioid mics), but I never liked the center hole in the phantom image. Recently, using a much larger bar (since most small bars are not 30 cm long), we tried using wide cardioid mics in this configuration and we were very pleased with the results. We felt that the result was "better" and "more interesting" (subjective) than ORTF, but usable in a space where omnis reveal too many uninteresting acoustical characteristics.

This bar seems perfect in this application. Visibly, it's very low profile -- a plus -- but it's still solid. $25 is very reasonable, easily worth it since the bar is of good quality. Thanks, DIYRE!

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