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Build your own boutique passive direct box.

Our popular DI box kit is back with expanded features and three transformer options. The FE2's studio-quality electronics are housed in an architectural aluminum enclosure that's rugged enough for the road.

The new FE2 features a through jack for patching to an amp or speaker and a switch for selecting between instrument or amp sources. The amp, or "SPKR," mode is great for recording old guitar and bass amps without line outputs.

The FE2's output section features a Neutrik XLR jack and ground lift switch for eliminating hum. 

Transformer Options

We're proud to offer three USA-made transformer options: two are new models wound for us and the third is the legendary Cinemag CM-DBX. 

The main difference between the transformers is their noise immunity. The sonic differences between them are very subtle, but when radio signals or other interference are present, the higher-priced transformers will exhibit less noise. Click on the "Audio" tab above to hear samples of each transformer.

Sound Clear, modern Balanced, extended Vintage, rounded
Made in the USA
Mic output shield
Mu-Metal Can
Instrument input shield


  • Switch between instrument or amp input mode
  • Thru jack for patching to amp or speaker
  • Rugged, architectural aluminum enclosure
  • Three transformer options, from budget to boutique
  • Ground lift switch to eliminate hum
Input Impedance ~200k/800k Ohms (depending on mic preamp)
Transformer Turns Ratio 12:1
Attenuation 22dB/38dB (instrument/speaker input)

All three transformer options for the FE2 are exceptionally transparent when compared with the original ("dry") signal, with subtle tonal differences.

Samples were taken by sending pre-recorded tracks from an Echo Layla 3G interface to the FE2 and then back into the Layla's mic inputs. The mic input gain was set the same for every transformer. The recorded files were then normalized to eliminate differences in volume.

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