Austin Microphones

Hot Holder Pro Soldering Aid


The Hot Holder Pro is a soldering aid that takes the frustration out of soldering jacks, switches, and wires. Invented and manufactured by Austin Microphones in the US, The Hot Holder Pro is a solid block of flexible silicone with grippy precision holes for audio connectors, parts, wires, and small circuit boards.

Perfect for holding soldering work:

  • Sticks to bench surface
  • Grips parts tightly without scratching
  • Nothing sticks to it—not glue, not paint, not solder
  • Zero residue
  • Won't melt
  • Doesn't wick heat

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dillon Brophy
Hot Holder

Super useful especially for PCB.

Mihhail Rihter
Great tool!

You get what you buy. A pretty handy tool in your soldering arsenal, especially if you are soldering on the go.

Michael Johnson
Double ThumbsUp

Wonderful invention. Great layout and even more functional with the PCB slot! Keep up the development of this technology!

More helpful than helping hands.

If you build your own cables, especially anything with a round jack, you need this. Not much else to say except it holds what you want where you want thus makes soldering so much faster and easier. Gone are my days of wasting time fiddling with having to clamp connectors just right so they don't slip out. Should've bought this a long time ago.

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