Sparkos Labs

Sparkos Labs DIP8 Discrete Opamps (Discontinued)

Sparkos Labs has created a family of discrete opamps in an DIP8 package optimized for high-performance audio applications. These devices are drop-in replacements for many common, chip opamps and are uniquely compensated for trouble-free swapping into virtually any circuit.

Class-A biasing and high-current capability coupled with a proprietary compensation scheme requiring multiple NPO dielectric capacitors make these discrete opamps impossible to fabricate as a monolithic IC. These devices utilize matched transistor pairs encapsulated within a single device package for the input stage and internal current mirrors for excellent matching between devices.  Each device is fully specified, and is available as a single or dual discrete opamp.


  • Drop-in upgrade for any DIP8 chip opamp
  • Available in single or dual configuration
  • Circular machined, gold-plated pins
  • 100% class A
  • NPO capacitors
  • 1% Metal film resistors
  • 140 dB open loop gain
  • 415nV RMS (2.9nV√HZ) noise to 20KHZ
  • +/- 18 Vcc max power input
  • 15mA class A output current
  • 65mA max output current
  • 14mA supply current
  • < 300µV typical offset