Vintage Output Bundle


Add the vintage sound of a discrete opamp and transformer to your EQP5 Passive Equalizer or OLA5 Opto Compressor.

Choose Your DOA.

Whistle Rock Audio "BLU-18" is a simple DIY kit based on the Jensen JE-918, "big brother" to the famous 990. The BLU-18 is clean, smooth, and detailed.

Whistle Rock Audio "RED-25" and Louder Than Liftoff "Rogue Five" are based on the venerated API 2520 DOA used in the original, solid-state Pultecs of the 1960s. The RED-25 is a simple DIY kit, while the Rogue Five comes assembled and tested.

Gary Barnett "GAR1731" is an advanced DIY kit based on the early Melcor 1731 DOA. The 1731 is a primitive DOA, exhibiting lots of vintage character in the form of distortion and slow transient response. 


  • Custom, USA-wound output transformer
  • Your choice of discrete opamp
  • NOS tantalum capacitor
  • Transformer mounting hardware included

The vintage output gives signals a more visceral, forward feeling that helps them translate clearly in a mix while requiring less level to do so. The solid-state Pultecs, the sound of which many engineers claim to be sweeter than that of the earlier tube units, use the same DOA/transformer output scheme.

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