Vintage Output Bundle


Add the vintage sound of a discrete opamp and transformer to your EQP5 Passive Equalizer or OLA5 Opto Compressor. The bundle is based around our 2523 transformer which is based on the 2503 output transformer found in vintage API consoles.

Choose Your DOA.

Whistle Rock Audio "BLU-18" is a simple DIY kit based on the Jensen JE-918, "big brother" to the famous 990. The BLU-18 is clean, smooth, and detailed.

Whistle Rock Audio "RED-25" and Louder Than Liftoff "Rogue Five" are based on the venerated API 2520 DOA used in the original, solid-state Pultecs of the 1960s. The RED-25 is a simple DIY kit, while the Rogue Five comes assembled and tested.

Gary Barnett "GAR1731" is an advanced DIY kit based on the early Melcor 1731 DOA. The 1731 is a primitive DOA, exhibiting lots of vintage character in the form of distortion and slow transient response. 


  • Custom, USA-wound output transformer
  • Your choice of discrete opamp
  • NOS tantalum capacitor
  • Transformer mounting hardware included

The vintage output gives signals a more visceral, forward feeling that helps them translate clearly in a mix while requiring less level to do so. The solid-state Pultecs, the sound of which many engineers claim to be sweeter than that of the earlier tube units, use the same DOA/transformer output scheme.

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