EQP5 Vintage Output Assembly Guide

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us for support.

Table of Contents:

Build the Stock EQP5

This guide assumes that you have already built the stock EQP5 according to the assembly guide.

If you haven't built your EQP5 yet, follow that guide and the come back here!

Resistors and Capacitors

Solder Resistors and Small Cap

Place the 15k resistor (brown, green, black, red, brown) in R14, the 2.7k resistor (red, purple, black, brown, brown) in the R15 position, and the small cap in C25. Bend the leads against the PCB, solder, and trim.

Solder Tantalum Capacitor

Locate the "+220uF" text on the body of the large, tantalum capacitor. Place the cap in the C26 position with the "+" next to the "+" on the PCB.

Solder and trim.

DOA Sockets

Place DOA Sockets

Place the DOA sockets in the six plated holes of DOA1. Place tape over them to hold them in place during soldering.

Note: There is one extra socket in case you drop one.

Solder DOA Sockets

Solder the DOA sockets and remove the tape.


Trim Leads

Trim the leads of the transformer down to about 1.5" (38mm). Be generous! You can always cut them shorter, but you can't make them longer after you've cut.

Then strip off about 1/8" (3mm) of the insulation and tin the leads by applying a bit of solder.

Place Transformer

Fasten the transformer in the X1 position with the included screws, nuts, and washers. Insert the screw through from the bottom of the PCB, place the washer over the screw on top of the transformer, and tighten with the nut.

Solder Transformer

Place the leads of the transformer through their respective holes (the GRY and VIO holes will remain empty) and bend the leads against the bottom of the PCB. Then flip the PCB over, solder, and trim.

Finishing Up

Place DOA

Place the DOA in the sockets. Push down until you feel the leads snap into place.

Move Jumpers

Move the jumpers on CON1 from "IC" (Modern) to "FE" (Vintage). You can change the jumpers back any time you want to use the EQP5's Modern output.

Final Checks

  •  Is the orientation of C26 correct?
  •  Are all of the transformer leads soldered to the correct pads?


Congrats on adding the Vintage Output to your EQP5!