Vintage Output Bundle


Add the vintage sound of a discrete opamp and transformer to your EQP5 Passive Equalizer or OLA5 Opto Compressor.

The bundle is based around our 2523 transformer and RED-25 discrete opamp. Both are based on the components found in vintage API consoles.


  • Custom, USA-wound output transformer
  • Use our RED-25 opamp or use your own
  • NOS tantalum capacitor
  • Transformer mounting hardware included

The vintage output gives signals a more visceral, forward feeling that helps them translate clearly in a mix while requiring less level to do so. The solid-state Pultecs, the sound of which many engineers claim to be sweeter than that of the earlier tube units, use the same DOA/transformer output scheme.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Elisa Nicolas
Must Have Output

Super easy build. This is a must have output option if you are building an OLA5 or an EQP5. The Vintage Output and 2520 opamp turns the EQP5 into a desert island EQ for me. Fantastic for tracking, and in a stereo pair, magical on the two-buss.

I originally purchased the OLA5 without the Vintage output option. (What was I thinking??) The opto sounded very good without the VO, but once I had that built in, it changed the character of the opto for the better. I did a shootout between the OLA5 with VO and my JLM Audio LA500A optos. Similar output sections. The OLA5 was, slightly more forward, and silkier, at least in my initial tests.

Do yourself a favor and get the VO option if you're building either of these kits. You won't regret it.

dave m.

Great build. Diagrams and instructions very clear.. Love the sound. Great for tweaking bass instruments and kick drums to find their sweet spots in a mix.

Monte Nickles
No Brainer add on

If you just bought the EQP5 kit. This add on should be required. Plus the fact that you can easily switch between the vintage and modern output. Killer cool. But really, once you have the transformer, you'll NEVER go back.

This is magic. Affordable, killer, simple, MAGIC.

Get it now. You won't regret it.

Thick and punchy

Loving what this stereo pair does to a mix. Love what they do to individual tracks. Air, thump and warmth. Thank you!

Charlie S.
Great Kit

This is a well documented kit. High quality parts and PCBs. Everything you need to make it an easy build. The EQs sound great!

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