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Colour 500-Series Palette mkI (Discontinued)

The Palette mkI DIY kit is discontinued as of February 2016. See the new Palette mkII Kit.

The Palette provides power, sonically transparent i/o, and elegant controls for three Colour modules. The Palette itself is compatible with any 500-series rack and is currently available as a beginner-friendly DIY kit. Colours are sold separately from the Palette kit.

Color Your Signal with a Click

The Palette's most powerful feature is it's simple and elegant interface. Dial in anywhere from a hint to a heap of color with the Saturation control. Engage and bypass Colours individually with dedicated push-button switches. Know which Colours are engaged at a glance with indicator LEDs that automatically match the Colour installed in each slot. And set the Palette's output level via the precision Trim control.

Community Driven

Colour was designed with and for the DIY audio community. Every design decision, from the width of the PCB traces to the modular approach, was made in tandem with a community of DIYers and professional gear designers during two years of development. The result is a world-class piece of equipment that delivers exceptional performance at an accessible price.

The Palette's design files are open source, and we welcome the community to use them as a platform to develop their own Colours.

Radically Affordable

Colour was designed to make analog saturation an order of magnitude less expensive than current high-end and vintage offerings. We achieved this remarkable price point by keeping the design simple, selling direct, and crowd-funding the initial production run. The one thing we didn't do was compromise on design or components. The Palette features best-in-class chips from THAT Corp on input and output, Nichicon caps chosen by ear, Alps switches, Bourns fuses for over-current protection, output protection diodes, and front and side panels fabricated completely in the US.

More Features:

  • Customize your signal chain by swapping Colours' positions
  • Ultra-transparent signal path when Colours are bypassed
  • Electronically balanced, professional line-level inputs and outputs
  • RGB indicator LEDs automatically light up to the hue of the Colours installed
  • Individual bypass controls for each colour stage

Full Kit Includes:

  • Printed circuit boards designed specifically for DIY assembly
  • Front and side metal panels manufactured in the US
  • Electronic components carefully selected for quality and reliability
  • Injection-molded knobs and switch caps
  • Every nut, screw, and washer needed to fully complete the Colour 500-Series Palette
  • Colour modules are sold separately. Browse our ever-broadening Colour spectrum.


  • Music-Tech 10/10
  • TapeOp "I can't say enough good things about Colour. This product embodies everything Tape Op is about. It's rooted in DIY; it sounds good; and it's inexpensive, novel, fun, and wide open for experimentation. Right on."


Input Impedance 24kΩ 
Output Impedance 50Ω
Max Gain (Saturation Control) 18dB
Max Input Level 27.5dBu
Power Supply Voltage +/-16VDC
Power Supply Current 140mA
Chassis Requirements Compatible with any 500-series rack
Nominal Level +4dBu

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